Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evanovich brings Alex Barnaby to comics

Stephanie Plum-creator Janet Evanovich has long wanted to get into comics. But she's been busy writing best-selling mysteries like Plum Spooky and Finger Lickin' Fifteen -- there are 30 million copies of Evanovich's books in print worldwide. (She's counted as one of the ten richest authors in the world.)

Now, Evanovich and daughter Alex finally worked out a way to transfer her NASCAR mysteries starring Alex Barnaby to the funny pages. The crime-solving mechanic's previous appearances were in the novels Metro Girl and Motor Mouth, but the third entry will be a graphic novel in 2010 from Dark Horse Comics.

"We're comic book fans; we’re huge Nascar fans," Evanovich told the New York Times. "It allows me to feed my Nascar addiction and comic book addiction all at the same time."

She explained to Comic Book Resources the heavy influence of comics on her fiction:
If it wasn't for Uncle Scrooge when I was a kid, I do not think I would be writing the Plum books ... Because “Uncle Scrooge” is an adventure story. Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck ,and Huey, Dewey, and Louie -- in every story they have an adventure. They are out looking for gold, they are in the Amazon, they are in outer space, the Beagle Boys are after them. When I was a kid, I really wanted to push my quarters around with a bulldozer. I always wanted to be Uncle Scrooge. And this is what I write -- I'm writing Uncle Scrooge in Trenton, New Jersey. Indiana Jones in Trenton, New Jersey. It's all the same. These are adventures, they are on a quest.
(Whole interview here.)

On a personal note, our Best Mann For The Job series counts Ms. Evanovich as a definite inspiration ... so seeing her gleefully join the world of comics is especially gratifying.

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