Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mysteries, Models, and Murder!

As both a mystery writer and comics fans, I think whoever came up with this is a genius: The upcoming comic book mini-series Models, Inc. is a murder mystery starring the runway models of the Marvel Comics universe. When Millicent Collins ("Millie the Model") is the prime suspect in the murder of a set designer, her friends Patsy Walker (Hellcat) and Mary Jane Watson (the ex- Mrs. Spider-Man -- long story) team up to clear her name.

As reported by the TODAY show: "Fashion and comics aren’t as incongruous as they may sound. Back in the '60s, while boys were discovering then-new heroes like Iron Man, girls were enjoying female-oriented characters like Millie the Model, who had been juggling romance and career going back to the '40s." Comics news site Newsarama gives readers a rundown of the various divas' comics history.

The mini-series even guest stars a real-life fashion icon, Project Runway's Tim Gunn, who jumps into Iron Man's suit of armor to help out.

Here's the official description from Marvel: Fashion Week is always a hectic time for models, and this year is no exception. Between escaped wolves, robbery attempts, and overly friendly police officers, Mary Jane Watson, Patsy Walker, Jill Jerold, Chili Storm and Millicent (Millie the Model) Collins are testing the limits of their endurance. But when a brilliant young set designer is found murdered with three bullet holes in his back, and Millie proves to be the prime suspect, the models are forced to play detective in order to save one of their own!

"At heart, it's a murder mystery," writer Paul Tobin tells Comic Book Resources. "It's almost Agatha Christie/Nancy Drew, but with very pretty ladies, and set in the Marvel Universe ... within those parameters I tried to remain true to the models' characters, which are fairly whimsical."

Models, Inc. hits shelves the last week of August.

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