Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Everybody's got an opinion

Over the summer, the blog Original Books reviewed my first three novels, Forgiving Solomon Long (2005), Deliver Us From Evelyn (2006), and Tribulation House (2007). They inducted Trib House into their "Elite List," but were not so kind to the first two:

FORGIVING SOLOMON LONG (2.5 stars): "Everything about this book was just average for me. It was neither good nor bad, as it is with most debut novels."

DELIVER US FROM EVELYN (1.5 stars): "This book is really lame as a whole, and the stupid end and stupid romance don't help. It's basically a waste of your time."

TRIBULATION HOUSE (4.5 stars): "This is the only book Chris Well should have ever written. An excellent read."

Anyway, some people liked all three books. If you want to buy a signed copy, order it from Mysteries & More. Supplies are limited! (Sample chapters and plot info are available on my site.)

My website also has a preview of my 2010 book, the 3-in-1 whodunit collection The Kentucky Geezers Mysteries.
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