Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Mann: Why are you holding your gun like that?

Best Mann For The Job #40 is now online at The desperate fugitives have chosen this farmhouse as a place to hole up  ...

Best Mann For The Job stars Grace Mann, a woman with a complicated past who returns home to become sheriff of Hope Falls, Tennessee. (Imagine that T.J. Hooker became the new sheriff of Mayberry.) The serial drama is created by the husband-wife team of mystery novelist Chris Well and comics veteran Erica Well.

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Best Mann: What do you know about bullet wounds?
Best Mann: You fellas gangsters?
Best Mann: No sudden moves!
Best Mann: Knock Knock
Best Mann: This can only end badly
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A woman with a complicated past returns home to become the small town's new sheriff. Best Mann For The Job is by the writer/artist team of Chris and Erica Well. Read it from the beginning at Watch the trailer on YouTube.