Thursday, December 10, 2009

CASE CLOSED movies coming to DVD

Long-running Japanese detective series Case Closed has been a real treat when my wife and I get to watch it on DVD. Don't let the fact that they're cartoons fool you -- despite the comedy and fantasy elements, the real-deal mysteries are a genuine challenge to solve before all is revealed. (And the shows are sometimes a bit gruesome, so they're not necessarily for kids.) In addition to the hundreds of television episodes that have aired in Japan, they've also released several theatrical features -- two of which are coming to these shores on DVD by the end of the year:

Case Closed Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century
A phantom thief is on the loose, and his explosive capers are knocking out lights all over town! His target is a priceless Russian heirloom that people are literally dying to get their hands on. Pint-sized gumshoe Conan Edogawa is on the case, but there's more to this mystery than anyone suspects.

The good guys seem bad and the bad guys seem good, and not even the boy detective knows who to trust. Worse yet, a rogue sniper is making sure anyone in the way catches a bullet dead in the eye. Things are heating up, and Conan's gonna need help to uncover the Last Wizard of the Century!

Case Closed Movie:Captured in Her Eyes
Half-pint detective Conan Edogawa has solved plenty of crimes, but this time it's personal! There's a killer on the loose, and the targets are none other than the boys in blue. No cop will be safe until the boy wonder cracks the case. But there's just one problem. Only Rachel has seen the fiend in action, and the shock of a witnessing a murder up close and personal made her forget everything she ever knew and everyone she ever loved. With his dream girl square in the sites of a homicidal maniac, time is running out for Conan to unlock the secret of what was captured in her eyes!

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