Tuesday, December 08, 2009

What James Patterson reads - and it ain't a mystery thriller

NPR's "All Things Considered" asked thriller writer James Patterson to recommend a book for their "You Must Read This" segment. The uber-popular thriller author shares one of the novels that influenced him -- and it's a surprising selection: "My influences as a writer weren't best-sellers, and certainly not mysteries, he says. "One of my favorites, and probably the one that influenced me most, is the story of an ordinary middle-class family living in Kansas City. Its title: Mrs. Bridge. It was written by Evan Connell and published in 1959." Find out why at NPR, where you can listen to the essay in the man's own voice. (There's also a written transcript.) NPR also offers a sampling from the book itself.

While we're on the subject of James Patterson on NPR, here are a couple more stories they've got online:
James Patterson On Writing All Those Books (Dec 8)
James Patterson Explains How He Writes All Those Books (May 27)

By the way, NPR says Patterson's books have sold more than 170 million copies.

I, ALEX CROSS by James Patterson
James Patterson-branded e-reader
Patterson signed for 17 books through 2010
James Patterson: He's everywhere, he's everywhere
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