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The Roman Hat MysteryA complete list of mysteries starring writer and amateur sleuth Ellery Queen and/or his father, Inspector Richard Queen -- as written by Ellery Queen, the pen name of cousins Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee:

The Roman Hat Mystery (1929)
The French Powder Mystery (1930)
The Dutch Shoe Mystery (1931)
The Greek Coffin Mystery (1932)
The Egyptian Cross Mystery (1932)
The American Gun Mystery (1933)
The Siamese Twin Mystery (1933)
The Chinese Orange Mystery (1934)
The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935)
The Lamp of God (1935)
Halfway House (1936)
The Door Between (1937)
The Devil to Pay (1938)
The Four of Hearts (1938)
The Dragon's Teeth (aka The Virgin Heiresses) (1939
Calamity Town (1942)
There Was an Old Woman (1943)
The Murderer is a Fox (1945)
Ten Days' Wonder (1948)
Cat of Many Tails (1949)
Double, Double (1950)
The Origin of Evil (1951)
The King is Dead (1952)
The Scarlet Letters (1953)
Inspector Queen's Own Case (1956)
The Finishing Stroke (1958)
A Study in Terror (1966)
Face to Face (1967)
The Last Woman in His Life (1970)
A Fine and Private Place (1971)

More detectives:
PHILO VANCE by S.S. Van Dine
DRURY LANE by Ellery Queen
DR. GIDEON FELL by John Dickson Carr
BLACK WIDOWERS by Isaac Asimov
EARL WALKER by Chris Well
100 Mystery Series: 1887-2010
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