Sunday, January 31, 2010

Evanovich no more? Amazon vs. Macmillan

Blockbuster writer Janet Evanovich is just one of the many authors whose e-books are no longer available for sale directly from Amazon, a result of the recent tug-of-war between Amazon and publisher Macmillan over the pricing of e-books. Amazon's position is to sell the books for less than they are worth in order to sell more copies of their Kindle reader (which cost a lot of money). Macmillan demanded that Amazon sell the publisher's ebooks at a higher price ... so Amazon simply pulled the plug on all the publisher's titles.

This morning, Evanovich posted on Facebook:
Due to circumstances beyond our control a dispute has arisen between Amazon and my primary publisher Macmillan. The result is that Amazon has removed all Macmillan books from the Amazon website. This was a decision made by Amazon, not Macmillan. We regret this inconvenience. You can still find my books, and books by other Macmillan authors, at any other store or website in the universe where books are cheerfully sold.
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