Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Robert Parker (1932-2010)

Mystery fans are mourning the loss of Robert B. Parker, creator of the Spenser and Jesse Stone detectives series. One of the best-selling mystery writers of our day, the 77-year-old reportedly died at his desk in his Boston-area home -- the prolific author wrote every day. Parker is survived by his wife and two sons. There are still several of his books scheduled to be published -- including the next Jesse Stone novel, Split Image, which hits shelves in February. UPDATED: We've added more links to news stories and testimonials at the bottom.

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"RIP, Robert Parker. 90-percent of us who write wisecracking detectives admit he was a major influence. The other ten percent lie about it." -- Harlan Coben (Caught)

"He didn't concern himself with looking back. Instead, he wrote, and in the process irrevocably altered American detective fiction, forging a link between classic depictions and more contemporary approaches to the form." -- Sarah Weinman (LA Times)

"Between Parker, Westlake, Kaminsky and Crumley, the last year+ has sadly seen the passing of several crime writing titans." -- Jason Pinter (The Darkness)

"I'm in shock. My friend Robert B. Parker is dead." -- Joseph Finder (Vanished)

"Looking back, I can think of no better writer with whom to fall in love with mystery, poetry, depth, the resonance of language, than Robert B. Parker." -- Gerald So (Thrilling Detective)
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