Monday, May 10, 2010

B-VERY FLAT by Margot Kinberg

Margot Kinberg, whose must-read blog Confessions of a Mystery Novelist catalogs important mystery and detective titles, has written a new mystery of her own: B-Very Flat (PublishAmerica):

Is anyone really safe?
Nineteen-year-old Serena Brinkman, undergraduate violin major at Tilton University, seems to have a very secure future -- she's got looks, money, people who love her, and rare musical talent. She's also got a a musical rival, friends whose secrets she knows, and an obsessed fan.

Serena's dreams are shattered when she dies on the night of a major music competition. Serena's partner, certain her death was not an accident, asks for help from Dr. Joel Williams of Tilton's Department of Criminal Justice.

Williams, a former detective, soon learns how unsafe Serena's world really was. Working with the police to uncover the truth, Williams finds that Serena's looks, money, and talent -- far from securing her future -- made her a target.

9mm: An interview with Margot Kinberg (Crime Watch)

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