Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Margot Kinberg: How She Does It

Alan Orloff at A Million Blogging Monkeys welcomes guest blogger Margot “The Mystery Professor” Kinberg, who shares how she puts together her amazing detective fiction roundups at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist:
Once I have my idea for what to write, I think about other books I’ve read that have something to do with the idea I have. There’s no magic to that, really. I’ve read a lot of crime fiction books, like everyone else who’s a crime fiction fan. So I think about books I’ve read. I often catch myself thinking, “Didn’t Colin Dexter/Agatha Christie/Michael Connelly/Barbara Vine/Someone else write a book where X happened?”
Seriously, I want my blog to be just like her blog when it grows up. (Or something like that.) Read the whole article here.

Here are some recent entries from Confessions of a Mystery Novelist:

You and Me Were Meant to be For Each Other (pets in crime fiction)
But There Aren't Any Pictures! (detectives in comics and graphic novels)
...All The Con Men and Their Acrobats (con artists in mysteries)
I'm Sailing Away (detective investigations at sea)
Sweeping Away the Side Issues... (red herrings in whodunits)

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