Friday, July 30, 2010

Janet Evanovich a hit at Comic-Con

Last weekend, Janet Evanovich was at San Diego Comic-Con to celebrate the blockbuster release of her first graphic novel, Troublemaker: Book 1 (Dark Horse). She and co-author Alex (her daughter) participated in the Dark Horse panel and signed in the publisher's booth later that day. Janet and Alex greeted hundreds of excited fans, hosting one of the largest crowds of the convention.

Troublemaker is the third in her series about mechanic Alexandra Barnaby and Nascar driver Sam Hooker, following prose novels Metro Girl and Motor Mouth. The book, co-written by Janet and Alex, is illustrated by Joelle Jones. Given Evanovich's sales history, it's no surprise the comic has topped the New York Times graphic novel hardcover charts.

“I’ve loved comics all my life and it’s really exciting to be working with Dark Horse to produce my very own graphic novel,” said Janet Evanovich. “I’m also excited that I could do this with my daughter Alex, the family comicaholic.”

“This is a groundbreaking project in which Janet and Alex are telling the third chapter of an established prose series in graphic-novel format,” said Dark Horse president Mike Richardson. “We feel that this book will open up the characters to a brand-new audience, as well as expanding the authors' fan base.”

Troublemaker Book 2 hits stores November.

Meanwhile, Evanovich is apparently headed to the Random House for her next two Stephanie Plum adventures. According to the publisher, the author’s novels have combined sales of more than 75 million copies.

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