Monday, November 01, 2010

Detectives: TONY VALENTINE by James Swain

Complete list to date of mysteries starring retired Atlantic City cop Tony Valentine, who now works as a consultant in Las Vegas. Written by James Swain:

Grift Sense (2001)
Funny Money (2002)
Sucker Bet (2003)
Loaded Dice (2004)
Mr. Lucky (2005)
Deadman's Poker (2006)
Deadman's Bluff (2006)
Wild Card (2010)
Jackpot (2010)

More detectives:
FLETCH by Gregory Mcdonald
BERNIE RHODENBARR (Burglar) by Lawrence Block
ELVIS COLE and JOE PIKE by Robert Crais
LUCAS DAVENPORT by John Sandford
MYRON BOLITAR by Harlan Coben
151 Mystery Series: 1841-2010
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