Friday, January 14, 2011

Detectives: LORD PETER WIMSEY by Dorothy L. Sayers

Whose Body? (Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries)Complete list of mysteries starring British gentleman detective Lord Peter Death Bredon Wimsey. Written by Dorothy L. Sayers:

Whose Body? (1923)
Clouds of Witness (1926)
Unnatural Death (1927)
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (1928)
Strong Poison (1931)
Five Red Herrings (1931)
Have His Carcase (1932)
Murder Must Advertise (1933)
The Nine Tailors (1934)
Gaudy Night (1935)
Busman's Honeymoon (1937)

Short Story Collections
Lord Peter Views the Body (1928)
Hangman's Holiday (1933)
In the Teeth of the Evidence (1939)
Striding Folly (1972)
Lord Peter (1972)

Additions by Jill Paton Walsh
Thrones, Dominations (1998) - from unfinished manuscript by Sayers
A Presumption of Death (2002) - based on Sayers' "The Wimsey Papers"
The Attenbury Emeralds (2010)

More detectives:
HERCULE POIROT by Agatha Christie (1920)
PHILO VANCE by S.S. Van Dine (1926)
ALBERT CAMPION by Margery Allingham (1929)
ELLERY QUEEN and INSPECTOR QUEEN by Ellery Queen (1929)
NICK and NORA CHARLES (The Thin Man) by Dashiell Hammett (1934)
150+ Mystery Series: 1841-2010
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