Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More PARKER coming from Darwyn Cooke

This past weekend at Long Beach Comic Con, writer/artist Darwyn Cooke talked about his success adapting Richard Stark's Parker series of crime novels for IDW Comics. From Comic Book Resources:
"I assumed 'Parker' would come and go and everyone in line would still be going, 'Green Lantern! Green Lantern!' But that doesn't happen! A lot of people have really turned on to this stuff. I have 23-year-old guys coming up to me and saying, 'I didn't know this was a line of books. I picked up five of them -- they're amazing!' So, in many ways, working with Donald -- in this sense, I'm doing more than I would have on my own."
It was announced at the panel that IDW is now planning on at least five "Parker" adaptations from Cooke. "I don't think I'm ever going to stop doing Parker," Cooke said.

Coming this December: Richard Stark's Parker: The Martini Edition
Cooke's first two Parker comics, The Hunter and The Outfit, are collected in a special oversized hardcover -- with 65-pages of bonus content, including a brand-new story. Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter graphic novel debuted July 2008 and made the New York Times bestseller list and won Eisner and Harvey awards. The second graphic novel, The Outfit, was released last year. The Hunter and The Outfit tell the story of Richard Stark's classic anti-hero Parker, as he returns to New York to settle the score with his wife and partner in crime after they betray him in a heist gone terribly wrong. After evening the field and reclaiming his prize, the Outfit decide to do some score settling of their own... and learn much too late that when you push a man like Parker, it had better be all the way to the grave.

Donald Westlake: Gone, Not Forgotten
Donald Westlake 1933-2008
Crime Fiction with the masters
What's next for Richard Stark's PARKER

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