Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chevy Chase: "I'm not gonna do Fletch unless I'm Fletch."

I just came across this Chevy Chase interview at Collider, conducted last August on the set of Community. In the interview, Chase shares his thoughts on Hollywood's on-again, off-again plans to do a new Fletch film with a younger actor. (The project is usually suggested to be based on Gregory Mcdonald's prequel novel Fletch Won, set during the earlier days of Fletch's career.) Chase is quoted as saying:
I mean look, I’m not gonna do Fletch unless I’m Fletch, if they start writing something for a kid who’s Fletch and I’m just helping out, “Bye.” I mean, there’s no reason why, at my age, I can’t still be Fletch.
I recently re-read the original novel Fletch and also watched the film. It fascinates me how two versions of the same work can be so much alike and yet also so different. And I consider both the book and the movie to be hilarious. (Just please don't tell this guy at Salon.)

By the way, the above interview also includes some info about Chase's plans to revisit the Vacation series as well.

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