Thursday, December 01, 2011

How writing comics changed the way Duane Swierczynski writes crime fiction

In an interview with the Pittsburg Tribune, crime writer Duane Swierczynski shares how his recent experiences writing comics like Punisher (Marvel Comics) and Birds of Prey (DC Comics) has changed his approach to writing fiction:
“It’s funny, but before writing comics, I was more of the Elmore Leonard school of writing, very spare on description. I focused more on dialogue and how characters interact with each other, more than setting the scene and thinking about camera angles and such things. But after writing comics, I really thought more about painting word pictures. Not going overboard — I still keep it spare — but I do think readers like to have all their senses engaged.”
Read the whole interview here.

Swierczynski's latest novels star Charlie Hardie, an ex-cop-turned-security-expert who is almost impossible to kill. The three novels in the series include Fun & Games, Hell & Gone, and 2012's Point & Shoot.

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