Monday, December 26, 2011

Milton Caniff’s STEVE CANYON at Christmas

Comic strip magazine Hogan's Alley reprints this article from the Henderson (N.C.) Daily Dispatch, outlining the special Christmas message to support the troops that cartoonist Milton Caniff would include every year in his classic series Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon:
Milton Caniff’s Christmas Strips: During World War II, comic strip artist Milton Caniff interrupted the story line of his comic strip, “Terry and the Pirates,” to offer a Christmas tribute to the pilots ferrying supplies from India to our Chinese allies. On Dec. 25, 1944, his strip was titled “White Christmas–Himalayas Version.” It pictured a transport plane flying between snow-covered peaks. Caniff wrote that the pilots were doing their job so the folks back home “can look at the American sky and see nothing more dangerous than snow.”
That was the start of an annual tradition. Each year, Caniff devoted the Christmas installment of “Terry”–and later of his other creation, “Steve Canyon”–to a special message. He combined pictures and words into a continuous theme of support for our troops, acknowledging their sacrifices and remembering those who died–and relating it to the meaning of Christmas.
Read the whole article here.

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