Monday, January 16, 2012

Coming next month: Chris Well's THRILL OF IT ALL podcast!

'[Kerns ? in front of microphone] (LOC)' photo (c) 1925, The Library of Congress - license:, friends, one of my resolutions for 2012 is to be more proactive about my career as a novelist. And part of achieving that is launching a podcast series: The working title is "Chris Well's Thrillercast" and it will appear here on The Thrill of it All every week. (Give or take.)

Each episode will be built around serializing a free audiobook of my crime and mystery fiction, plus assorted news and the like. (And credit where it's due: I am stealing the format for the podcast from author Scott Sigler.)

The first Monday in February, we kick things off with a 10-part audiobook serializing my mystery story "Don't Fall For That Trick." And then future episodes will serialize my novels.

I've got a whole author's to-do list for 2012—and my podcast is just the beginning! So let's all meet back here on Monday, Feb 6, and we'll see whether I make my first deadline. :)

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