Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dark Horse Presents 'Miss Marple meets Dexter'

In February, Rich Johnston has written a new mystery story in comics anthology Dark Horse Presents, featuring an elderly women who "solves" murders...well, she commits them and then pins them on someone else. The three-part The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne, illustrated by Simon Rohrmuller, is described as "Dexter meets Miss Marple."

From the Dark Horse site:
From the mind of the infamous editor of Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston, comes a three-part tale of gruesome gossip: The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne, set to premiere in Dark Horse Presents #8!

Have you ever wondered how amateur detectives keep stumbling over dead bodies? Miss Cranbourne doesn’t. Because she kills them. Then finds someone else to pin the blame on.

In “The Vicar Slash’d from Side to Side,” Miss Cranbourne is at odds with the local man of God, and so introduces him to his maker. But in a 1940s English village held together by gossip and sharp looks, how will Miss Cranbourne ensure people look in the direction she’d prefer? And what happens when a man from Scotland Yard arrives to take over the case? This is Dexter meets Miss Marple.
Dark Horse Presents #8 is on sale February 1. The publisher, Dark Horse Comics, is the same publisher who brought Janet Evanovich's Alex Barnaby to the comics page.

Johnston is no stranger to murder mysteries: The longtime comics columnist played a key role in a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation story where he was murdered. (He got better.) Johnston now hosts the comics site Bleeding Cool, serving all your comics news, conjecture, and rumor-mongering needs.

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