Wednesday, February 01, 2012

75 Free eBooks, 10 free Kindle Fires, and $500 for a library

Five authors have pooled their resources for a special event that means you can download 75 free eBooks, enter to win one of 10 Kindle Fires, and enter to win $500 for your local library. The Big Kindle Boogie features authors Lee Goldberg, J.A. Konrath, J. Carson Black, Scott Nicholson, and Blake Crouch. (We've featured both Lee Goldberg and Joe Konrath on the blog here several times.)

The books are only free today and tomorrow (Feb 1 and Feb 2) -- so act now! Lee has a list of links to all 75 free downloads at Amazon, info about how to enter the drawing(s) here, and then you can follow updates at the Big Kindle Boogie official blog and Facebook page.

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Linda Komondy said...

Having trouble with the second set of Kindle Fire entries. I am unable to enter my FB page address in the bos provided :(

Chris Well said...

Sorry to hear that, Linda. Did you leave a message on their Facebook page? One or more of the authors involved seem to be keeping track of comments and stuff.

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