Friday, March 02, 2012

5 Crime Stories on '60s Sitcoms

1) The Munsters
"The Midnight Ride of Herman Munster" (12/3/64)
When the Munster family car is stolen—while Herman (Fred Gwynne) is sleeping in it—he wakes up to find himself pressed into service as a getaway driver. (Just one of many episodes where Herman and/or Grandpa innocently stumbled across members of the criminal element.) Buy The Munsters: The Complete Series on DVD

2) The Lucy Show
"Lucy the Gun Moll" (3/14/66)
Robert Stack guest stars as a Federal agent (a riff on his portrayal of Eliot Ness in the 1959–1963 series The Untouchables) who asks Lucy (Lucille Ball) to pose as her lookalike, Rusty Martin, the girlfriend of mobster Big Nick. With the gangster getting out of prison, it's Lucy's job to find out the whereabouts of $100,000, the haul from Big Nick's last robbery.
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3) Green Acres
"Never Take Your Wive to a Convention" (2/8/67)
Oliver and Lisa (Eddie Albert, Eva Gabor) attend a farm convention in the city where they meet a not-so-ex-gangster and his wife. Soon, the couple are explaining the "farm racket" to the Douglases. Buy Green Acres: The Complete Second Season on DVD

4) Gilligan's Island
"Little Island, Big Gun" (1/23/1965)
Following a big job, bank robber Jackson Farrell (guest star Larry Storch) is dropped off on the island by helicopter to hide out—and is surprised to find other people on the island. At first, he attempts to pass himself off as a doctor, but soon Farrell shows his true colors when his henchmen arrive.
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5) The Flintstones
"Fred's Second Car" (1/8/65)
Fred wants a second car for the family, so he goes to the police "car auction" to bid on one one. However, when he buys one that used to belong to a gangster, he soon find himself being chased by jewel thieves. Buy The Flintstones: The Complete Series on DVD

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