Monday, March 19, 2012

Episode Three: "Don't Fall For That Trick" audio mystery

Check out the third installment of my weekly audiobook series as I continue to serialize my short mystery story "Don't Fall For That Trick," starring husband-wife amateur sleuths Tom and Darla Booke.

Got behind? Catch up on previous episodes here:
Episode One
Episode Two

At the end of last episode, Tom and Darla had rushed to the hospital—and, when Darla leaves the room for a moment, a nurse tells Tom that Darla has been hurt...

Don't forget, you can get this story FREE as part First Shot: Crime and Mystery Stories, your free gift when you subscribe to my author newsletter! There's more information below the video.

With each episode, I learn more about the process. The master plan at this point is to do this story all the way through—and then take a break for the summer. In fact, I have a summer replacement series all lined up, with episodes from some of the greatest radio drama mystery series of all time! Then this fall, I hope to produce a weekly audiobook podcast of one of my novels—and shoot for wider distribution.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for joining me for this "cable access" version of my series. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment below!

"Don't Fall For That Trick" Part Three

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