Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Forgiving Solomon Long: Director's Cut

My very first novel was Forgiving Solomon Long, which could be described as The Replacement Killers meets King Lear. Back when I was working with my original publisher, the content editor mistakenly thought the book was supposed to be a mystery—and pressured me to remove a crucial piece of information from the book.

As a result, more than one scene that had been written to be suspenseful...wasn't. Because you had no idea that these people were in danger. On top of which, some reviewers also complained that a particular character just dropped out of the book without explanation—but, of course, the "missing" information explained (well, implied) what happened.

All of which is to say, I am in the process of proofing Forgiving Solomon Long for its eBook debut...and I am taking the opportunity to replace a chapter that had been deleted, and to replace some missing information in another chapter.

These aren't enormous changes to the overall book—this is not Greedo shooting first. But it makes the book a better read. Maybe now I can just get on with my life.

Watch for the all-new eBook editions of my Kansas City crime series Forgiving Solomon Long, Deliver Us From Evelyn, and Kingdom Come.*

*(Yes, I changed the title of the third book. But that is a story for another day.)

PS—The new cover above features an illustration by Erica Well and cover design by Allie Krukowski.
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