Monday, December 05, 2005


Today, we check in with novelist Tom Buford, author of Fires of Darkness.
Fires of Darkness is a tale of spiritual warfare in the small town of Cory, Nebraska. When something strange happens to Douglas and Amy Canton's farm house and rocks the community, they lean on a memorable cast of characters for support and encounter another world in their search for the meaning of this tragedy.
Here is a Q&A with the author himself.


Q: What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Tom: I read one time that a writer should not try to write about dining in a French bistro if he or she has never eaten in a French bistro. I have since heard writers come down on both sides of that issue. But for me, it was good advice. Everything I write has at least some part of me or my life hidden in it somewhere.

Q: Are you an "entertainer" or a "minister"?

Tom: I really don't consider myself an entertainer, although I hope my writing entertains. My desire is that lives will be touched and changed by something I write. I suppose that makes me more a minister.

Q: Who are your literary influences?

Tom: The first novel I ever read as an adult was This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti. It had a tremendous impact on me. There are other writers whose work I enjoy, but Peretti has had a greater influence on me. I've tried to not allow the writing style of any one author color my own writing, but I think it is obvious that Peretti's influence was inescapable for me, at least in Fires of Darkness.

Q: Who are your spiritual influences?

Tom: My wife has been my greatest spiritual influence. Her ability to forgive and put the past behind her is something that I only wish more wives had. I have also been influenced in other ways by people whom I have met or worked with, such as Johnny Cash and Billy Graham.

Q: Are you an "outline" writer or a "make it up as you go" writer?

Tom: No outlines for me! Fires of Darkness was a "make it up as you go" book. My current projects are based on stories that I have more insight into, but there still is no outline.

Q: What is the one aspect of God you most hope your readers will take away after reading one of your books?

Tom: His ability to love them unconditionally. More than anything, I want my readers to get the message that God is still the healer of hearts and minds. I want them to know that He will go as far as He has to go to bring freedom into the life of a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to become the man that God created him to be.


Thanks to Mr. Buford for stopping by. Find him online at or his blog, Thinking out loud ...

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Great interview. Hadn't heard from Tom in a while. Glad to see he's doing his thang. Love the blog.:)

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