Monday, December 26, 2005


Today, we begin a three-part interview with novelist Randy Singer, a critically acclaimed author and veteran trial attorney. He presently serves as Chief Counsel for the North American Mission Board, as President of FamilyNet Television, and on the Board of Legal Advisors for the American Center for Law and Justice, a public service law firm that defends religious freedom both in the United States and abroad.

* * *

Q: What was your first job?

RS: My first real job was mowing lawns in a cemetery. I did that for about 4 summers, all told. Lots of time to think :) If a hearse arrived at the cemetery and needed an extra pallbearer or two, my buddies and I would wipe off our greasy hands, put our t-shirts on, and help out.

Q: What is the best advice anyone has given you?

RS: Find your passion in life -- what God created you to do -- then figure out a way to get paid for it.

Q: Are you an "entertainer" or a "minister"?

RS: Tough choice. Since "all of the above" is not an option, I probably would say more of an entertainer. If the books aren't compelling entertainment, nobody will read them and no ministry will take place.

Q: Do you hate it when people ask whether you are an "entertainer" or a "minister"?

RS: Yes. If this were a trial, I would have objected to the form of the question.

Q: Who are your literary influences?

RS: (a) Authors I love: Max Lucado, Richard North Patterson, John Grisham, Harper Lee, C.S. Lewis. (2) My wife, who teaches high school English and will be disappointed to know I don't have more classical authors on my list. (3) Palmer Rutherford, my mentor and senior partner at the law firm where I worked. His relentless and heartless edits to everything from legal briefs to form letters made me a better writer.

Q: Who are your spiritual influences?

RS: Bob Reccord, my friend and formerly my pastor. My kids, who have a passion and daring for the Lord that puts me to shame. My parents, who never lost faith or hope while raising me, and that's saying something. My wife, who personifies grace.

Q: What is the best thing anyone said about one of your books?

RS: It made them weep with a greater realization of God's love.

Q: What is the worst thing anyone said about one of your books?

RS: "Too unrealistic -- if I want a good fairy tale, I'll stick with the brothers Grimm!"

* * *

Come back tomorrow for part two of our Q&A. In the meantime, find Mr. Singer online at his official site. Purchase Self Incrimination at Amazon or at many other fine retailers.

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