Saturday, January 28, 2006


My lovely wife, Erica, is spotlighted in the latest newsletter from Nashville Artist Guild. Click to the February newsletter and scroll down until you see her bio, complete with a pic of the artist and samples of her work. (And if you have never stopped by our main site,, Erica has several samples of her art and comics posted online.)

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Mirtika said...

She IS cute, with the kind of smart, welcoming face that reads genuine.

Tell her I loved "TELL ME A STORY"---don't know if it's just born out of my own need to create and hear and read stories, or what. But I'd hang that up in my office! And "I...Call" in the living room. I also liked AMOR CAPTIVE (CAUTIVO), but the Spanglish actually works for me. As a Cuban-born baby who grew up in NYC and Miami, I'm used to my older siblings and was used to my mom (whose soul is with God) correcting my hideous grammar and incorrect stresses in certain words. Spanglish, oh yeah, I get Spanglish. :)

Your gal is cool.


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