Monday, January 30, 2006


I appeared in today's edition of Nashville City Paper with a HUGE headshot right there in the middle of the page—
Writer, editor, blogger and aspiring comic-book mogul Chris Well was born and raised near Alton, Ill., across the river from St. Louis. He has worked with words for more than 20 years, currently as editor of Homecoming magazine and contributing editor for CCM magazine.

A former radio teacher, Well also scripted the audio drama/comic book project Mammoth City Messengers and has contributed to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. His first novel, Forgiving Solomon Long, was published last year.
See the whole story online here. (The online version does not include my enormous head.)

Update: I have uploaded the PDF of the print version (complete with enormous head). You can download it here.


michael snyder said...

Nice head! If only your name were Todd and you had a monster...

Hope to scrounge a real paper copy tomorrow and read it while getting my car worked on.

Looking forward to Evelyn.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pdf. It's not the same without the enormous head, after all.

You were amusing, but I hope you can enjoy more and freak less! ENJOY!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!

Also liked what you said about your cool wife. She IS cool. But I hear it runs in her family (cough, cough).

God Bless!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comments, "Bay Ridge, Brooklyn" -- I cannot imagine who you might be (*cough*sister-in-law*cough*) ...

Mirtika said...

I am a totally unbiased bystander without a cough, and yet I confirm the total coolness of said persons. Whether it runs in the family, I cannot say. I suggest we consult a skilled geneticist on the matter.

Mir, no that was not a cough

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