Friday, January 20, 2006


(Part 4 of 5)

Returning to our recap of the media attention we received in the past year for my debut thriller, Forgiving Solomon Long, here are some of the fine things people said ...

"Forgiving Solomon Long was a very exciting read. A few chapters in and I was hooked: 'Forget the housework -- let's see what's happening next!' " -- Laurel Grider, Bethel World Outreach Center, Brentwood, TN

"A hard-edged, mean streets story--in which God's grace shines all the brighter. Forgiving Solomon Long heralds a new day in Christian suspense." -- Brandilyn Collins, best-selling author of Web of Lies

"Forgiving Solomon Long is fabulous: part Mario Puzo, part John Grisham and part Tom Clancy. I was honestly blown away." -- Jim Cumbee, President of Non-Broadcast Media, Salem Communications

"Told in a fast-paced, funny style that will keep you laughing as the chapters whiz by." -- C.T. Mikesell, Eugene, OR

"A powerful tale of suspense and the power of mercy." -- Robin Parrish, Infuze Magazine

"Chris Well masterfully weaves together literary and pop-culture references, Mafia culture, and smatterings of Scripture into a fascinating modern-day parable without sounding preachy or trite. Sure to be a hit." -- Janet Chismar, Senior Editor,

"I hope this book is one of many that you will write. I'll be looking for your next novel." -- Wanda Richardson, Jacksonville, FL

"Chris Well's debut is fresh and addictive. Part thriller, part morality play -- but never heavy handed or sugar-coated. Gritty and realistic " -- Monkey Outta Nowhere

"Just when you think you might know where author Chris Well is heading, he throws you a curveball -- one that, while altogether surprising, is somehow more realistic than what you might have expected. And, truth be told, far more gratifying." -- Jay Swartzendruber, Editor, CCM Magazine

"Forgiving Solomon Long was an awesome reading experience." -- Pam Jamison, Bowling Green, KY

"Here's a novel with the feel of real life -- fast-paced and thought-provoking." -- Sigmund Brouwer, best-selling author of The Last Disciple

"So full of twists and turns, it keeps you guessing until the very end. An amazing story of suspense and grace.” -- Tracey Bumpus, Managing Editor, Crosswalk Magazine

"Excellent. Pretty exciting, too!" -- Linda Gilmore, editor, Kansas

"Keep bringin' it, Mr. Well. We're ready for more!" -- Eric Wilson, author, Expiration Date

"Felt like I was watching a movie." -- Glendo Grider, Bethel World Outreach Center, Brentwood, TN

"A worthwhile read with a cinematic flow. Sure to please fans of Noir, Tarantino or the Coen brothers." -- Sara Eggers, author

"By all means, check out Forgiving Solomon Long." -- J. Mark Bertrand, writer

"WOW!!! My only complaint is that it's so good it's keeping me from working on my own stuff!" -- Eddie Medina, Atonement Studios

"EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed it! Very compelling." -- Mark Nicholas, Simpleville Music

"I'm truly a better person for having read it." -- Daniel Dawson, Nashville, TN

"An entertaining, quick read, and should appeal to folks beyond any artificial designation of 'genre.'" -- Jason Joyner, Southeast Idaho

"A magnificent concoction that is part Sopranos, part Carl Hiaasen and part Elmore Leonard. Edgy and contemporary and hip." -- Scott A. Thompson, Great Falls, Montana

"Tight writing, unforgettable characters, and a fast-paced story. Chris Well has carved out a niche for himself." -- Susan Robertson, via the Internet

"Enough hair-raising action, savvy laughs, and flat-out pulp punch to make me want to come back again and again. Stunning!" -- Matt Bronleewe, music producer for Rebecca St. James, Plumb, Natalie Imbruglia, others

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