Monday, January 16, 2006


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As we head ever closer to the imminent release of Deliver Us From Evelyn, I thought it might be nice to go back and look at some of the great media attention we got this past year with Forgiving Solomon Long.

Today, we're looking at the reviews:

"This debut contemporary gangster novel ... tells an engaging story. Well's fresh voice makes this an enjoyable addition to faith fiction." -- Publishers Weekly

"A-plus fiction. This faith-based thriller will both surprise and delight you." -- CCM Magazine

"Chris Well's writing is edgy and engrossing. Great characters and witty dialogue wrapped in a plot that will keep you guessing until the end." -- Novel Reviews

"You'll find a brilliant mixture of literary references, Scripture, and plenty of thought provoking moments in this fast paced thriller. You will love Forgiving Solomon Long by Chris Well. I guarantee it." -- Five Star Book Reviews & More by the Reading Mom

"This book is fast-paced and edge-of-your-seat reading." -- Books I've Read

"This is an excellent, untypical story ... creative and compelling; Well mixes murders with messages and paints wonderful characters. A fun read." -- Youthworker Journal

"An intelligent thriller that combines sitcoms with Shakespeare, Fruit Loops with coffee, and gunfights with church ... anything but ordinary fare." -- Christian Book Previews

*Starred Review* "This is Christian fiction, but Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction comes to mind" -- Booklist, American Library Association

"A great read ... the perfect summer vacation page-turner!" -- Dr. Tony Shore, ObviousPop

"Tarrantino-esque ... ripe for cinematic adaptation." -- HM Magazine (May/June 2005)

"A dark tale filled with ironic twists and turns ... action-packed prose for readers with a taste for bittersweet crime drama." -- Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

"For lovers of crime fiction, Forgiving Solomon Long by Chris Well combines a taut, fast-paced thriller with a powerful message of forgiveness." -- CBA Marketplace (April 2005)

"A page-turning crime thriller that sizzles with action!" -- Sneak Pique (Vol. 3, February-March 2005)

"If there's one lesson I learned from Forgiving Solomon Long, it’s that no one has fallen so far that he can't be redeemed." -- Crossings Book Club, a division of Bookspan, which serves 10 million members

"Excellent work for an inaugural novel. Recommended." -- Christian Fiction Review

"Fans of the hardboiled genre will be delighted with Chris Well's tale. The characters and theme resonate clearly within the story and are certain to please." -- Roundtable Reviews

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