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Our Faith*in*Fiction pal Joseph Nassise recently posted this info on the F*i*F boards. Sounds pretty cool.

First Novel from a Major New York Publisher to be Podcast in its Entirety

The Horror Channel Teams with The Podcast Network for Episodic Release of Heretic

For the first time ever, a novel currently available on bookstore shelves, released by a major New York publisher, will be podcast in its entirety beginning January 31st. HERETIC (Pocket Books, Mass Market Original, October 2005) is the first volume in a new dark fantasy series known as The Templar Chronicles, written by International Horror Guild Award nominee, Joseph Nassise. The complete novel will be released in a free, thirty-episode, weekly podcast read by Nassise and sponsored by The Horror Channel and The Podcast Network.

In HERETIC, the Holy Order of the Knights Templar has been resurrected as a secret combat arm of the Vatican and is charged with defending mankind from the supernatural. Knight Commander Cade Williams is in control of the prestigious Echo Team, a special forces-type unit that is called in to investigate when an unknown enemy begins assaulting Templar strongholds.

Bestselling author Clive Barker called HERETIC “a first-rate, stylish work,” while the Trades Entertainment Magazine summed it up as “Hellraiser meets Delta Force by way of George Romero.” With the Templars back in the public view thanks to books like Dan Brown’s DA VINCI CODE and Hollywood films like NATIONAL TREASURE, readers are eager to experience more from this historical sect that is rooted in secrecy and myth.

Podcasting, the ability to offer syndicated audio content direct to listeners for use on their iPods or other portable media device, has grown exponentially in the last year. For Pocket Books, podcasting seemed the perfect way to introduce a wider audience to this exciting new series. “As a cross-genre thriller, HERETIC will appeal to a wide variety of readers,” says Amy Pierpont, Senior Editor at Pocket Books. “Podcasting will allow us to break down genre barriers and introduce Joe's work to a broader audience than just the typical horror fan.”

Cameron Reilly, founder of The Podcast Network and a co-sponsor of the event, is also enthusiastic about such marriages between podcasting and publishing. “While providing books in an audio format is not a new idea, podcasting provides readers with a new avenue to discover quality books to read,” says Cameron. “By making chapters of their books available in an audio version for free downloading, authors and publishers now have an opportunity to introduce their works to a global audience. In the future, The Podcast Network will be working with authors to find suitable sponsors for the podcast versions of their work, so they still realize a commercial return on their efforts even if listeners don't eventually purchase the book.”

"Podcasting of audio books is a natural next step for the publishing world,” said Nick Psaltos, President, General Manager, and Founder of The Horror Channel. “Joe and Pocket Books are doing a tremendous thing, not only for fellow horror writers, but for authors everywhere. The Horror Channel’s website will be updated with behind-the-scenes writing information and information about the characters as new chapters are podcast. It will also offer a venue for fan feedback and webchat with the author.”

“The Horror Channel has come to be synonymous with all things horror for me,” said Nassise, former President of the Horror Writers Association. “Their goal of putting a diverse range of horror products into the hands of horror fans everywhere made them the perfect partner for this project and I couldn’t be more pleased to be working with them.”

Sign up for The Templar Chronicles podcast and learn more about the series at the official website, You can also visit The Horror Channel website,, for additional information about the podcast, for updates, and for feedback and webchat with the author.

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