Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today, we enter the second day of my guest appearance at the blog Novel Journey, "a place to learn more about novel writing & the business of publishing. " The blog regularly features author interviews, book reviews and fiction related discussion.

Not only am I the subject of a two-part interview, but there is also a review posted today.

Don't forget to sign up for your chance to win one of five prize packs—including an autographed copy of
Forgiving Solomon Long and a short story sneak preview of Deliver Us From Evelyn (not available in stores until March).

Part One

Part Two

How To Win


Mirtika said...

You give terrific interviews! Just about killed me with the Max Lucado/Stephen King quip. And I gotta love you for giving props to El Whedon.

If you do a blog tour for DELIVER US FROM EVELYN, I'd be pleased as punch to join in.

Oh, and I finally got my lazy butt to post a review over at amazon.com for FSL. And I'll blog on it, too.

I never said I was FAST. :)


Unknown said...

I saw the both reviews - the one on your blog and the one on Amazon -

Thank you!


When I update my FSL site later this week, there will be a link to your blog review.

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