Wednesday, January 11, 2006


PW Comics Weeks just posted this news story about the pitfalls of launching a new comic book in today's market. The three latest examples of just how rocky the road to startup can be are Alias, Speakeasy and Boom Studios.

[Speakeasy's Adam Fortier] acknowledges the difficulty in competing against Marvel and DC in a market that resists new work. Although he did have a business plan, it didn’t make it through the summer. And in a comic shop market dominated by super-hero comics from big publishers, retailers began to lose faith in smaller companies. "I believe that with the advent of the DC/Marvel mega-crossovers, [those series] pushed everybody else out," he says. "It was a situation that you've got to react to."

While many young companies choke the pipeline with too many new titles at one time, Boom Studios's relatively simple business model seems prudent. "You have to be realistic in the market," Richie tells PW. "Tons of people are not realistic."

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