Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Continuing our Q&A with Buzz Dixon, author of the new manga series Serenity (Barbour Publishing). The latest volume in stores is Serenity #2: Stepping Out.

Barbour Publishing was first to bring inspirational manga to the masses-and now tween and teen girls have another great read in Serenity, Volume 2: Stepping Out. The lonely teen with the blue hair is slowly warming up to the Christian kids who've made her their "project". . .but when Serenity wrecks Kimberly's car and refuses to take responsibility, the prayer club decides some "tough love" is in order. Can Serenity understand that their actions are really for her own good? This full-color graphic novel features a compelling storyline, realistic dialogue, and a solid biblical message for today's reader.

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How many books do you read a month?
4-6 graphic novels or manga, perhaps one or two non-fiction books if I'm lucky.

What are your writing habits?
Sporadic. The best ideas tend to come right before dinner time or five minutes after I've shut off the computer for the night. I have stories that have lain unfinished in my drawer/computer for years only to have the last piece drop into place in the blink of an eye and get written up in an hour.

But I do try to write something every day.

Are you an “outline” writer or a “make it up as you go” writer?
It's not so much "making it up" as "uncovering." There's an upcoming SERENITY story that began with a mental image I had of Serenity standing barefoot. I began noodling a scene together but couldn't figure out why she was barefoot, so I had her looking for her shoes. She found a shoe box in a closet, and the moment I typed that I realized the shoebox was full of old photos and a crucial key to part of her past. Mind you, none of that was in my mind when I started writing the scene, I was just trying to figure out why she would be barefoot -- and I have no idea why that particular image popped into my head.

Are you a full-time novelist?
Short answer: No.

Long answer: While I still write creatively, more and more of my attention and energy is devoted to the business side of Realbuzz Studios. Writing is rapidly become the carrot I use to get myself through the day!

How many books did you have to write before you knew you had “made it”?
I went full-time before I ever sold a book length story. While I had been working in TV and comics for a great many years, when I began the SERENITY project 5+ years ago I concentrately solely on it to the exclusion of all other projects.

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Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of our Q&A. Find more info about Serenity or join the mailing list at Find Buzz online at RealBuzz Studios.

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