Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I meant to write up something about Monday night's extra-brilliant episode of Arrested Development, but Associated Press saved me the trouble:

NEW YORK (AP) - It's only fitting that "Arrested Development," the most self-referential show on TV, would go down chronicling its own demise.

"The Bluths were desperate," the narrator (Ron Howard, the Oscar-winning director and one of show's executive producers) intoned about the show's hyper-dysfunctional family. "The press had them all but finished."

Michael Bluth, played by Jason Bateman, then announced: "If we want a chance of keeping this family going past the next few weeks, we're going to have to pull out all the stops."

The episode - the ninth of the season - at various points pretended to be 3-D, trotted out celebrities including Andy Richter, Ben Stiller and Zach Braff, and turned into a pseudo-live broadcast.

See the whole story here.

By the way, my wife and I spent our New Year's Eve watching the entire Arrested Development: Season One on DVD. We already knew the show was funny, but were still surprised at the level of craftsmanship from one episode to the next.

(Last night, in fact, we listened to one of the DVD bonus features: The show's musical soundtrack. Even that was amazing.)

Great stuff.

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