Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shoot the works

If you read my debut crime fiction novel, Forgiving Solomon Long, then you probably know I have an affinity for stories about hitmen.

Hitting shelves this October is the new crime fiction anthology These Guns For Hire (Bleak House Books), a collection of original tales of hired killers. Author J.A. Konrath, the project's editor, writes in the introduction: "These Guns For Hire offers readers a unique opportunity, to vicariously experience some very bad people, courtesy of the best writers in the mystery thriller genre. They’re all here. Cold blooded mobsters (Rob Kantner, Victor Gischler), series characters from novels (David Morrell, Lawrence Block, Max Allan Collins), humorous killers (Brian Wiprud, Jeff Strand), hit women (Libby Fischer Hellmann, MJ Rose), and even some forays into the supernatural (Jay Bonansinga, Robert W. Walker)."

Repairman Jack creator F. Paul Wilson offers the following praise: "These Guns for Hire contains an amazing variety of stories on a single subject: the hitman. You'll find hilarity and cold unflinching horror and every shade between. A Who's-Who list of writers in a must-read collection for fans of crime, suspense, and noir."

Contributors (click on the links for bios and story excerpts)

Jeff Abbott, "Seize Your Future"
Raymond Benson, "Another Rock 'n' Roll Hit"
Michael A. Black, "The Black Rose"
Lawrence Block, "Keller's Designated Hitter"
Jay Bonansinga, "There's Somebody Here Wants to Talk to You"
Ken Bruen, "Punk"
Reed Farrel Coleman, "Bat-Head Speed"
Max Allan Collins, "Guest Services"
Sean Doolittle, "The Professional"
David Ellis, "The Shining Knight"
John Galligan, "Man Hit"
Victor Gischler, "They Always Get You"
Ed Gorman, "Beauty"
Mitchell Graham, "The Lourve Cafe"
Jeremiah Healy, "The Confessional"
Libby Fischer Hellmann, "Detour"
Julie Hyzy, "Strictly Business"
Rob Kantner, "Dead Last"
JA Konrath, "Bereaved"
William Kent Krueger, "Absolution"
Benjamin M. LeRoy, "Letters from Home"
Lisa Mannetti, "Everybody Wins"
David Morrell, "The Attitude Adjuster"
Monica J. O'Rourke, "Bloodshed Fred"
P.J. Parrish, "Gutter Snipes"
M.J. Rose, "Not Shy, Not Retiring"
Jeff Strand, "Poor Career Choice"
Paul A. Toth, "Nice Kids Carry Guns"
Robert W. Walker, "Pet Project"
Brian M. Wiprud, "When You're Right, You're Right"

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Stephen Dean said...

This sounds awesome. I've been reading the anthology Thriller. Big mistake. Now I have more authors whose books I want to buy.

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