Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday movie: SECRET AGENT (1936)

One of director Alfred Hitchcock's earliest triumphs, Secret Agent follows three British agents assigned to assassinate a mysterious German spy during World War I. However, two of them begin to struggle with their consciences.

Secret Agent Feature Film | 1:25:59

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Evanovich no more? Amazon vs. Macmillan

Blockbuster writer Janet Evanovich is just one of the many authors whose e-books are no longer available for sale directly from Amazon, a result of the recent tug-of-war between Amazon and publisher Macmillan over the pricing of e-books. Amazon's position is to sell the books for less than they are worth in order to sell more copies of their Kindle reader (which cost a lot of money). Macmillan demanded that Amazon sell the publisher's ebooks at a higher price ... so Amazon simply pulled the plug on all the publisher's titles.

This morning, Evanovich posted on Facebook:
Due to circumstances beyond our control a dispute has arisen between Amazon and my primary publisher Macmillan. The result is that Amazon has removed all Macmillan books from the Amazon website. This was a decision made by Amazon, not Macmillan. We regret this inconvenience. You can still find my books, and books by other Macmillan authors, at any other store or website in the universe where books are cheerfully sold.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Crime TV updates (Jan 30)

What's hot at Crime TV:

01 Rock out with MANNIX! (Neil Diamond, Buffalo Springfield, more)
02 Dr. Horrible vs. Batman
03 Watch BIONIC WOMAN episodes free online!
04 Opening Theme: NBC Mystery Movie (Columbo)
05 PSYCH kicks off tonight (Jan 27)
06 Watch IT TAKES A THIEF episodes free online!
07 Opening Theme: PETER GUNN
08 Watch CHARLIE'S ANGELS episodes free online!
09 Watch ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (1954) episodes free online!
10 Opening Theme: KOJAK
11 Watch MATT HELM episodes free online!
12 Opening Theme: ALIAS
13 Opening Theme: STARSKY & HUTCH
15 Opening Theme: HAWAII FIVE-O
16 Opening Theme: THE SAINT
17 Watch MR. MONK AND SHARONA free online
18 Opening Theme: DAN AUGUST
19 Watch DRAGNET episodes free online!
20 Promo for the next PSYCH (Feb 3)
21 Watch the DICK TRACY serial free online!
22 Opening Theme: MEDICAL CENTER
23 ASK DISHER: "What do you think of online dating?"
24 Watch CASTLE episodes free online!
25 Opening Theme: THE ROOKIES

Detectives: ALBERT CAMPION by Margery Allingham

The Crime at Black Dudley (Felony & Mayhem Mysteries)Complete list of mysteries starring aristocratic amateur sleuth Albert Campion. Written by Margery Allingham:

The Crime at Black Dudley (Black Dudley Murder) (1929)
Mystery Mile (1930)
Look to the Lady (The Gyrth Chalice Mystery) (1931)
Police at the Funeral (1931)
Sweet Danger (Kingdom of Death; The Fear Sign) (1933)
Death of a Ghost (1934)
Flowers for the Judge (Legacy in Blood) (1936)
Dancers in Mourning (Who Killed Chloe?) (1937)
The Case of the Late Pig (1937)
The Fashion in Shrouds (1938)
Mr. Campion and Others (1939)
Traitor's Purse (The Sabotage Murder Mystery) (1941)
Coroner's Pidgin (Pearls Before Swine) (1945)
More Work for the Undertaker (1948)
The Tiger in the Smoke (1952)
The Beckoning Lady (The Estate of the Beckoning Lady) (1955)
Hide My Eyes (Tether's End and Ten Were Missing) (1958)
The China Governess (1962)
The Mind Readers (1965)
Cargo of Eagles (1968)*
Mr. Campion's Farthing (1969)*
The Allingham Case-Book (1969)
Mr. Campion's Falcon (Mr. Campion's Quarry) (1970)*
The Allingham Minibus (Mr. Campion's Lucky Day and Other Stories) (1973)
The Return of Mr. Campion (1989)

*by Philip Youngman Carter

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CHARLIE CHAN by Earl Derr Biggers
PHILO VANCE by S.S. Van Dine
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100 Mystery Series: 1887-2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Detectives: John Dickson Carr's DR. GIDEON FELL

A complete list of mysteries starring amateur sleuth Dr. Gideon Fell, written by John Dickson Carr (1906-1977), mystery fiction's Golden Age master of locked room mysteries and impossible crimes:

Hag's Nook (1933)
The Mad Hatter Mystery (1933)
The Eight of Swords (1934)
The Blind Barber (1934)
Death-Watch (1935)
The Hollow Man (aka The Three Coffins) (1935)
The Arabian Nights Murder (1936)
The Burning Court (1937)
To Wake the Dead (1937)
The Crooked Hinge (1938)
The Problem of the Green Capsule (1939)
The Problem of the Wire Cage (1939)
The Man Who Could Not Shudder (1940)
The Case of the Constant Suicides (1941)
Death Turns the Tables (1941)
The Seat of the Scornful (1941)
Till Death Do Us Part (1944)
He Who Whispers (1946)
The Sleeping Sphinx, (1947)
Below Suspicion (1949)
Patrick Butler for the Defense (1956)
The Dead Man's Knock (1958)
In Spite of Thunder (1960)
The House at Satan's Elbow (1965)
Panic in Box C (1966)
Dark of the Moon (1967)
Fell and Foul Play (1991)

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Agatha Christie's HERCULE POIROT
Carolyn Keene's NANCY DREW

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