Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crime Fiction Alphabet: N is for Nemesis

Nemesis (Miss Marple Mysteries)Mystery and crime fiction bloggers all over are continuing with the Crime Fiction Alphabet -- this week, we're up the letter N. My entry this week is the Agatha Christie novel Nemesis, starring the elderly amateur sleuth Miss Marple. First published in 1971, it was the last Miss Marple book written (but not the last one published -- that was Sleeping Murder.)

Miss Marple receives a letter from recently deceased millionaire Jason Rafiel, whom she had met during the events in A Caribbean Mystery (1965). Rafiel has included her in his will -- if she can solve a particular crime, she will inherit a large amount of money. She's more than willing to fulfill her friend's final request, but there's a problem: There are no clues about what happened, when it occurred, where it was committed ... or to whom. For Miss Jane Marple, it's the most baffling case of her career ...

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Anonymous said...

Chris - That *was* a good one! I almost used it myself for this letter, but stopped at the last moment. I'm glad you highlighted it.

Kerrie said...

It would be good to have this for the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival too please Chris.
Thanks for adding it to the Crime Fiction Alphabet.

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