Monday, August 30, 2010

Diane Mott Davidson on Nero Wolfe: SOME BURIED CAESAR

Some Buried Caesar (Nero Wolfe Mysteries)In the 1990s, The Rex Stout Library reprinted the Nero Wolfe mysteries with brand-new introductions from a variety of mystery and suspense authors, including Robert Parker, Lawrence Block, and Jonathan Kellerman.

Stout's 1938 classic Some Buried Caesar -- named one of the 20th Century's 100 Favorite Mysteries by the Independent Mystery Bookseller's Association -- was reprinted in 1994 with an introduction by Diane Mott Davidson. It's an especially apt pairing, given the culinary angle of the plot and the fact that Davidson writes culinary mysteries starring caterer and amateur sleuth Goldy Schulz. In fact, Davidson even wraps her introduction with a recipe.

The edition also features a reprinted letter written by author P.G. Wodehouse in 1969, wherein the famed humorist states: "What a good story Some Buried Caesar is. I had read it before, of course, but had completely forgotten what happened after the adventure with the bull. I find I can re-read Rex Stout indefinitely, which showed the importance of atmosphere."

Diane Mott Davidson's introduction is also included in the 2-in-1 edition Some Buried Caesar/The Golden Spiders.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Detectives: THE BARON by John Creasey

Complete list of mysteries starring John "The Baron" Mannering, reformed jewel thief-turned-antiques dealer and amateur sleuth. Written by John Creasey under the pen name Anthony Morton:

Meet the Baron (1937) aka The Man in the Blue Mask
The Baron Returns (1937) aka The Return of Blue Mask
The Baron Again (1938) aka Salute Blue Mask
The Baron at Bay (1938) aka Blue Mask at Bay
Alias the Baron (1939) aka Alias Blue Mask
The Baron at Large (1939) aka Challenge Blue Mask
Versus the Baron (1940) aka Blue Mask Strikes Again
Call for the Baron (1940) aka Blue Mask Victorious
The Baron Comes Back (1943)
A Case for the Baron (1945)
Reward for the Baron (1945)
Career for the Baron (1946)
The Baron and the Beggar (1947)
Blame the Baron (1948)
A Rope for the Baron (1949)
Books for the Baron (1949)
Cry for the Baron (1950)
Trap the Baron (1950)
Attack the Baron (1951)
Shadow the Baron (1951)
Warn the Baron (1952)
The Baron Goes East (1953)
The Baron in France (1953)
Danger for the Baron (1953)
The Baron Goes Fast (1954)
Nest-Egg for the Baron (1954) aka Deaf, Dumb and Blonde
Help from the Baron (1955)
Hide the Baron (1956)
Frame the Baron (1957) aka The Double Frame
Red Eye for the Baron (1958) aka Blood Red
Black for the Baron (1959) aka If Anything Happens to Hester
Salute for the Baron (1960)
A Branch for the Baron (1961) aka The Baron Branches Out
Bad for the Baron (1962) aka The Baron and the Stolen Legacy
A Sword for the Baron (1963) aka The Baron and the Mogul Swords
The Baron on Board (1964)
The Baron and the Chinese Puzzle (1965)
Sport for the Baron (1966)
Affair for the Baron (1967)
The Baron and the Missing Old Master (1968)
The Baron and the Unfinished Portrait (1969)
Last Laugh for the Baron (1970)
The Baron Goes A-Buying (1971)
The Baron and the Arrogant Artist (1972)
Burgle the Baron (1973)
The Baron, King-Maker (1975)
Love for the Baron (1979)

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